Field Maintenance Responsibilities

Field Maintenance

This is  a completely volunteer league.  Everything at ELL depends upon all of us as volunteers.  We need to treat our fields, grounds, clubhouse, and batting cages as if they're our own and take care of the property at the ELL Complex. 

Here are the set up and close up  procedures for the ELL complex:

  • Rake fields at the end of every game (time permitting) and after the last game of the day (always)

  • Place tarps on mound/plate area after the last game of the day

  • Unlock/Lock bathrooms using key hanging in the double door equipment closet (coaches have combination)

  • Transfer AED device from equipment closet to case (and back)  located near clubhouse bathrooms (beginning/end of each day)

  • Empty ALL garbage cans in bins and/or bring out additional empty trash cans which are located next to the clubhouse (as needed, especially end of day, including the batting cages)

Leave dugouts spotless after every game, leave batting cages spotless after every use, leave bleacher areas clean after every game

Make sure all fields are locked (end of day) and batting cage area is locked (after every use)

  • (SOFTBALL ONLY) Remove softball rubber, replace receiver caps in the mound, and return rubber to equipment room (as used)

  • Close all clubhouse windows, leave clubhouse tidy, don't change/unplug/turn off sound system

We are our own groundskeeping staff!  And that's true whether or not you are coaching a game that day -- any time you're at the complex, if you see something that needs attending to, please attend to it or find a Board member if you're not sure what to do.  Remember, you can ask parents to help too, especially in softball where we have fewer coaches and frequently host other leagues here where their coaches aren't as likely to pitch in.  Please ask parents to assist in cleaning the spectating areas including emptying the garbage cans.

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