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Major League Guidelines

Majors Division

Overview: This is the ultimate level, and for many kids, this will be the last year of
their little league experience. The minimum playing time and substitution rules are
very different in majors, so it’s important for you to understand these rules and how
they affect your managing strategy. If you communicate these rules to the kids and
parents before the season, you may avoid complaints and improve team chemistry.
There is a big difference between returning majors players and new players in
terms of comfort level, so be sure to address this in practice/pre-season. The player
development goal is to continue challenging the stronger players, while significantly
improving any specific weaknesses of all players. At this level, players should
anticipate every play and without being told by their coaches. The kids get very
competitive at this level – you should reinforce sportsmanship, and competition,
while making sure they still have fun. Please refer to ELL House Rules for more
information, or contact your Coordinator for assistance.

Key coaching items:
Practices should focus on particular skills, and simulate in-game/situational drills.
Players should be comfortable in specific situations after getting many reps in
practice. The outfield is very important at this level, so make sure to include
appropriate drills and increase awareness in your practice sessions. Develop
multiple pitchers; watch your pitching and catching counts closely.

Hitting – Pitching velocity can increase significantly, so mechanics are critical. Many
kids will be tempted to swing for the fences. Players should understand productive
strategies at the appropriate times, such as taking pitches and bunting.

Defensive awareness – Many outs can be obtained with strong defensive skills and
awareness. With stronger pitching, games can be low scoring and giving away outs
from defensive mistakes can be disastrous. Practices should focus on repetition of
in-game simulations (force plays, run-downs, pitchers covering home plate on
passed balls, cut-off throws, etc.)

At the end of the season, Managers will be required to complete an evaluation for
each player on your team, and your Coordinator will be working with you to assess
your progress in meeting these development goals.

Training and Support:
Please be sure to attend the required Coaches Clinic, CPR/Safety Training, and
Indoor Team Practice Sessions provided by ELL to ensure player development,
safety, and your success as a coach.

Thank you for volunteering to coach and have a great season!



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